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AgOS Operations is the heart and soul of AgWorks software, handling the complexities of retail operations with ease!

operations3_2013medLive Inventory

· Tasks like managing inventory positions across salesmen, locations, & regions are a snap with our live inventory engine!

· NH3 tanks, custom-application tender loads, and chemical shuttles all reduce inventory as they ship!




Fleet Operations Management

· Map based scheduling tool allows for simple daily applicator machine planning with click-to-assign technology!

· Mix Plant Manager feature connects orders to your automated blend plant controls to eliminate double-entry of application information!





Smart Guns

· Mobile solution for applicator drivers to record:

  • Weather data for automated logbook creation!
  • In-field blending details such as how much actual product loaded, changes to orders, & more!

Warehouse Guns

· Mobile barcode solution for tracking warehouse activity

  • Make grower, company, & distributor shipments and receipts with ease!
  • Access grower contracts in real-time and make shipments against them!
  • Physical inventory count feature streamlines your monthly tasks!


Many more efficiency benefits!

· Simplify the mystifying world of "splits" with three industry-leading tools!

  • SmartSplits
  • Entity Manager
  • Farm-level Splits

· Transactions linked to your accounting system

  • AgWorks leads the industry with over a dozen accounting software interfaces!

No more double-entry!









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