AgOS Scheduling-User Guide

  1. From the Home page, navigate to the Schedule tab or click the Schedule button.
    Home Screen4-8-2014 4-21-58 PM
  2. On the schedule page, if you have Orders that were scheduled prior to today’s date that were not done, you will receive a notification asking if you would like to reschedule the Orders for today.Notification14-9-2014 9-17-02 AM
  3. Select the order date range by clicking the date range field (both start and end dates default to today’s date.newmain page4-9-2014 11-49-46 AM
  4. Use the arrows to the right and left at the top of the calendar to reverse or advance the month. Use the middle arrow to advance the year. The dates selected will display the Orders created in that date range.Calendar4-9-2014 2-01-06 PM
  5. To find specific Orders, click the Select Filter button (highlighted below) on the Mix Plant Manager bar.filtersfilt4-9-2014 4-01-48 PM
  6. The Filter Orders window displays. The status defaults to Scheduled and Active. Regions are listed in alphabetical order. You may narrow your order selections by:
    • Priority
      forders4-9-2014 4-11-03 PM
    • Status
      status4-10-2014 9-09-42 AM
    • Region
      Region4-10-2014 10-26-38 AM
    • Categories (you may choose one or a combination of items in each category.)
      Categories4-10-2014 10-28-00 AM
    • Clicking the drop-down arrow next to the column header allows you to sort the category items in any column.
      columnheader4-10-2014 10-56-40 AM
    • At any time the Clear Filters tab can be clicked to clear the category selections.
      clear4-10-2014 11-00-50 AM
  7. In this example, the status has been set to “All.” Once the filters are in place, click the Exit button at the top right of the Filter Orders field.
    exit24-10-2014 11-42-23 AM
  8. Click on the Orders Grid button.
    gridbutton4-10-2014 11-26-09 AM

    • The Order grid displays filtered orders in the selected date range.grid4-10-2014 11-29-13 AM
    • By clicking the drop-down arrow next to a column header, you can sort the category items in any column.
      headerdrop4-10-2014 11-44-58 AM
    • You may also Custom Sort by right-clicking on a column header.

    • To further narrow your search, enter key words associated with your Orders in the search field (customer, crop, product, etc.). In this example “corn” and “home” are entered. All Orders within the selected date range and filter selection with the key words in the description will display.
      corn home4-10-2014 11-54-49 AM
    • To search by phrase, use quotations in the search field. For example, typing “agworks farm” will display all orders within the date range with Agworks farm in the description. Although some Orders may also have the words agworks and farm in their descriptions, they do not display in the Order grid unless they correspond to the quoted phrase.agfarm4-10-2014 2-45-00 PM
    • A phrase (or phrases) in quotations followed by a key word (or words) will display all orders within the date range that contain the quoted phrase(s) and the key word(s).
      wheatzombo4-10-2014 2-41-02 PM
    • If you know the Order ID numbers, you may enter each number in the search field separated by a space, and all entered Orders display in the Order grid.
      IDs4-10-2014 2-57-16 PM
    • Once your search is completed, the Orders within the search parameters will display.
      myrick4-10-2014 4-28-27 PM
    • The status of each Order is indicated by a color.
      Colors4-10-2014 3-42-16 PM
    • If you hover over a color, a notification of the status displays.
      shiftz4-10-2014 3-48-37 PM
  9. Clicking on an Order displays the Order in the map below.
    Displayorder4-10-2014 4-31-03 PM

    • Click the field marker to reveal any other Order markers associated with the field.
    • The color of the field marker corresponds to an applicator machine.
      markers4-10-2014 4-36-26 PM
    • The list of applicator machines assigned for Orders in the Order grid display in the mix-Plant Manager applicator tree view.
      apptree4-11-2014 10-34-18 AM
    • There is a transparent Legend chart on the upper right-hand side of the map that defines the letters on the field markers. Hovering over the Legend chart displays it in full view.
      legend4-10-2014 4-41-36 PMbig legend4-10-2014 4-44-08 PM
    • The map options button displays the Show Info Above Markers box. When the box is checked, the order number will display when the mouse is hovered over the field marker.
      mapoptionsbutton4-11-2014 10-46-08 AMmapopzoom4-11-2014 11-21-24 AM
  10. Clicking the Refresh Now button at the bottom of the page allows you to immediately refresh the schedule screen to view recently added orders.
    refresh4-11-2014 11-47-40 AM
  11. Clicking the drop-down arrow on the Refresh Now button, selecting the Enable Automatic Refresh check box and manipulating the slider allows you to refresh the screen at intervals from five minutes to one hour.refreshbit4-11-2014 11-50-38 AM
    Autorefresh4-11-2014 11-57-23 AM

    • If you are working on schedules, you must disable the Enable Automatic Refresh option, otherwise all unsaved work in progress will be lost.
  12. There are several ways to schedule an Order.
  13. The Orders Grid:
    • Right-click on the order in the Orders grid. The Order menu displays.
      scheduleordersgrid4-11-2014 1-46-18 PM
    • The Orders menu also takes you back to the Orders page by clicking on the other options listed.OrdersPage4-11-2014 1-51-12 PM
  14. Select Schedule Order.
    ScheduleOrderz4-11-2014 1-55-00 PM
  15. When the Order information displays, click on the Scheduled field to set the schedule date.
    Scheduledatezz4-11-2014 2-00-43 PM

    • The applicator machine can be assigned or reassigned by clicking in the Machine schedule5-19-2014 10-53-42 AM
  16. Click Save.
    Save4-11-2014 2-20-06 PM

    • Multiple Orders can be assigned to the same applicator in the Orders grid by holding down the control key and clicking on each Order to be assigned.
    • Continue holding down the control key and right-click (instead of clicking) the last Order in the group to be assigned.
    • Click on the Assign to Applicator notification.
    • Click the drop-down and select the desired applicator for the group of Orders and click Save.
  17. The Field Marker:
  18. Right-click on the field marker of the Order to be scheduled. When the Order information is displayed, follow the steps used in the Orders grid. Note: An Order cannot be removed from the schedule via the field marker.
  19. The applicator tree in Mix-Plant Manager:
    • If you know the applicator machine assigned to your Order, click the plus sign next to the applicator in the Mix-Plant Manager applicator tree view. This expands the tree for that applicator and displays the list of Orders.
      cart14-11-2014 2-46-37 PM
    • The symbol next to the Order indicates its status.
      Status of Order4-11-2014 2-52-38 PM
    • Selecting the plus sign next to the Order reveals a list of batches for that Order.
      Batches4-11-2014 2-58-03 PM
    • Right-clicking on the batch allows you to send the batch to blender, edit, or print the batch.
      print batch4-11-2014 3-01-10 PM
    • Hovering over the Order with your mouse displays the order information.
      batchhover4-11-2014 3-04-08 PM
  20. Right-click on the Order.  When the order information displays, follow the steps used in Orders grid.
    • Once the Orders are scheduled, the status box in the Orders grid turns yellow.
      yellow4-11-2014 3-10-43 PM
    • An Order can be removed from the schedule on the Orders grid or the Mix-Plant Manager applicator tree view.
  21. Right-click on the Order to be removed. The Order menu displays.
    Vieworder4-11-2014 3-17-13 PM
  22. Select “Remove from Schedule.”
    remove4-11-2014 3-14-50 PM
  23. Click “Yes” when the Unschedule Order Confirmation box displays.
    yes4-11-2014 3-22-05 PM

    • The color of the status box changes from yellow to white.
      white4-11-2014 3-26-58 PM
  24. Once schedules are complete, routes can be mapped by opening the Directions bar on the right-hand side of the map.
    Directions Bar4-11-2014 3-31-09 PM
  25. You may select “Use current location as start point” or “Use current location as end point.” If neither option is selected, the locations on the map will be numbered in the order they were selected.
    currentlocation4-11-2014 3-51-17 PM

    • The route can be selected by clicking each field marker in the order the applications will be performed.
    • The route can also be selected by clicking on the applicator machine in the applicator tree. The markers for the scheduled orders will be numbered in the order they are listed on the applicator tree.
      directiontree4-11-2014 4-01-35 PM
  26. Click Get Directions.
    • The route map will display.
      route4-11-2014 4-18-11 PM
    • Click the print icon to print directions.
      print4-11-2014 4-20-38 PMendprint4-11-2014 4-22-18 PM
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