Getting Started

AgOS Mapping provides geo referenced mapping capabilities for custom application, whole field, and VRT planning. Let's take a look at the main areas of this page.1st Mapping Shot

Left Navigation

Left Hand Navigation Customers

The left navigation contains the customer search functionality. Once a customer is selected, you can view their relative map objects such as farms, fields, field boundaries, application layers, etc.

Each selected customer remains on your screen to allow quick navigation between the customers you’re currently working with.

Refreshing (or reloading) the web site removes any customers that were selected during your session.


Top Navigation

Top Navigation - Save

The top menu bar includes the Save and Map Search functionality. Click Save to commit recently created or modified objects to the database for later use. The Map Search option allows you to search using Google’s robust search functionality. You can search using the following information:

  • Physical address, e.g., 111 W. 76th St., Davenport, IA 52806
  • City and State, e.g., Davenport, IA
  • County, e.g., Scott, IA
  • Townships, e.g., Pleasant Valley Township, Iowa

Map View

Getting Started jpegThe map view contains the map imagery and working space.

Right click on map objects to begin working on them.

Locate areas on the map by using the mouse to drag a desired area into focus. Or, use the navigation options on the top left corner of the map view.



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