FieldReveal Adds Fifth Owner—The McGregor Company

FieldReveal Adds Fifth Owner—The McGregor Company
By Margy Eckelkamp

The McGregor Company (TMC) has become the fifth owner of joint-venture FieldReveal, joining Agtegra, Landus Cooperative, Central Valley Ag and WinField United.

“The McGregor Company is thrilled to be able to join the FieldReveal ownership family. The other retail owners of FieldReveal are recognized agronomy and service leaders. The FieldReveal team has a unique and leading platform, a great pathway for growth, and a truly unbiased, independent agronomy and analysis tool,” said Ian McGregor, president of The McGregor Company. TMC is an independent agronomy and ag equipment dealer with a retail footprint in 35 communities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Founded in 1998 as MZB Technologies, FieldReveal’s platform is a cloud-based precision software package. The company has expanded its offering to work with farmers on zone management, grid management and a new product called the hybridized grid.

“We are very pleased that The McGregor Company will be joining the FieldReveal family as an owner. TMC is a company that understands technology and its use in agriculture and this is not just a “token investment” for them – this will be a key piece of their business,” said Chris Pearson CEO of Agtegra/Vice Chairman of FieldReveal Board.

The announcement of TMC taking ownership stake in FieldReveal piggybacks an announcement earlier this year where the two entities announced a partnership which includes AgWorks, which is owned by TMC. The AgWorks and FieldReveal partnership brings together how users can use the analytics and return on investment engine of AgWorks’ HighQ with the precision ag tools of FieldReveal.

The synergies between the companies are in their roots and who they serve–AgWorks’ slogan is “by ag retail, for ag retail” and FieldReveal is “built by agronomists, for agronomists.” And the two companies are eager to build the needed tools to advance the precision agronomy business. This includes bringing the development resources of AgWorks to FieldReveal as well as building out its offering with analytics.

“We are both owned by ag retail for a reason,” explains FieldReveal CEO Matt Hesse. “We’re always keeping up with what ag retail needs—not delayed in what we provide by straying from that focus.”

Hesse notes the partnership with AgWorks helps FieldReveal add functionality to their prescriptive software by offering more in-season actions and decisions based on data.

‘Unified Agronomy’ is AgWorks’ commitment to provide ag retail customers with all the tools necessary to manage all aspects of aspects of their agronomy business: agronomy operations (AgOS platform), precision ag software, and analytics (HighQ).

“Users of our products see great stability in our business. With being owned by retail, we’re working hand in hand with the precision departments and how they go to market,” says Greg Duhachek, president of AgWorks. “Our ownership and our users are setting the template for how data is used—and they will be the ones who break through the barriers in the current adoption plateau.”

Duhachek says its partnerships such as this that are enabling retailers to use the data that they’ve collected. And even if retailers have done a good job collecting data, they aren’t putting it to use.

With data ownership and data security as a key topic for many farmers and retailers, these partners say that’s a key focus for them as well.

“We often encounter retailers who aren’t 100% comfortable with data sharing, and to them we say, ‘We’re on your side,’” says Matt Hull, vice president of AgWorks. “This is a truly different environment than what growers are exposed to on a regular basis. We are a best in class precision ag platform, tied to a dataset that will allow the grower to make actionable in-time decisions, while understanding other community practices and feel good their data is safe.”

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