Editing a Field Boundary

  1. Under the appropriate field, right-click on the New Contour that needs to be revised.
  2. EditFieldBoundary-MenuSelectionSelect "Edit Boundary" from the menu. Each of your previous mouse clicks marking the edge of the contour appears as a white circle.

    • Tip: A pink shaded circle also appears halfway between the two mouse click circles.EditFieldBoundary-WhitePinkCircles
  3. EditFieldBoundary-EditedSelectionDrag any of the circles to change the shape of the boundary.

    • Tip: A white arrow button appears at the bottom right corner of your field boundary. Click the arrow to undo the previous action.
  4. Once editing is complete, right-click on the New Contour in the menu.
  5. EditFieldBoundary-StopEditSelect "Stop Edit." The edit circles disappear and the Update Acres… window appears if changes were made in the acres included in the boundary.

    • Click Yes to allow the calculated acres to be entered into the database.
    • Click No to keep the number of acres currently entered in the database.
  6. SaveButton2In the top left corner of the window, click Save to record the changes. Note: Remember to save your work periodically as you are not automatically prompted to save your work.
  7. A prompt appears to confirm the action. Click Yes.

    • A message displays for each item indicating that the save was successful.


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