Adding a Field Boundary

  1. Right-click on the field and select "Add Field Boundary" from the menu. The New Contour window appears.AddFieldBoundary-MenuSelection
  2. AddFieldBoundary-NewContourWindowIn the New Contour window, click OK if you have already navigated on the map to the area where the field exists.


    • If you need to navigate to another area on the map you may:


      • Enter a street address (if known) or just a county, township, or state.
      • Use your mouse to drag the map to navigate to the site where the field exists.
  3. When on the map area, the mouse pointer becomes a cross-hair. To begin the boundary, click once on the field boundary.
  4. AddFieldBoundary-BoundaryDrawnTo indicate a change in direction, click the mouse and continue all around the boundary.
  5. When you are near the completion of the boundary, the cross-hair changes to a hand with a pointing finger. Click the mouse to allow the boundary to close exactly.  The Update Acres for Field… window appears.
  6. AddFieldBoundary-UpdateAcresPromptIn the Update Acres for Field… window, you are prompted to either accept the calculated acres or leave the current value of the acres in the database record.


    • AddFieldBoundary-NewAcresCalcShownClick Yes to allow the calculated acres to be entered into the database.
    • Click No to keep the number of acres currently entered in the database.

Contours are not usually named so no name appears on the map. If a contour name is desired, the properties can be edited and anything other than “Unnamed Contour” or “New Contour” displays (and prints) on the map.

Note: Contour names are dynamic as to whether they’ve been saved or not. Unsaved (and un-refreshed) contours are called “New Contour” and saved contours are called “Unnamed Contour.”

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