AgOS Planning – User Guide

  1. From the Home page, click on either the Plan tab or the Plan icon.
    plan 1
  2. On the planning page, begin typing the name of your grower in the search box in the Navigation section on the left to filter the list of available growers.
    plan 2

    • Click on the arrow if you need to expand the Navigation window.
      plan 3
    • You may collapse the Analytics information by clicking the arrow on the right-hand side of the Analytics bar.
      plan 4
  3. You can create your plan by grower to include all farms and fields. Click on the grower name expand the list of farms for the plan in progress.
    plan 5
  4. You may also create your plan by farm. Click on the desired farm to expand the list of fields for the plan in progress.
    plan 6
  5. You may also create your plan by field. Click on the desired field.
    plan 7

    • For this lesson, we will create the plan by grower Aaron Stone.
    • The Orders will populate in the planning time-line, and the activities will display below the fields in the Navigation tree.
      plan 8
  6. If desired, you may modify the date range for your plan. (The date range will default to the customer’s fiscal year.)
    plan 9

    • The Events within the date range are identified with green diagonal lines.
      plan 10
    • Right-clicking on Event Name allows you to filter the events to be displayed.
      plan 11
    • Right-clicking on the Orders header (directly below Event Name) allows you to filter Orders by class, e.g. Recommendation, Plan, Active or Done.
      plan 12
  7. Right-clicking on the Orders will give the customer the option to:
    plan 13

Edit Order:

  • Selecting Edit Order will take you back to the Order page, allowing you to modify the Order.

Include Order in Analytics:

  • This option will include the selected Order in the current analytics. The customer will be able to view the Order in relationship to other Orders in the plan. Included Orders will be identified with a green checkmark.
    14 & 15
  • To remove an Order from analytics, right-click on the desired Order and click “Exclude from Analytics.” The green checkmark will no longer appear.
    plan 16

Copy to Plan:

  • This option will allow you to copy an Order to your plan. Enter the target date you desire to utilize the Order and click OK.
    plan 17
  • Clicking on the Order will give a preview showing the event details of the Order.
    plan 18
  • If you elect to remove the Order from the analytics, simply right-click on the checked Order and click the Exclude From Plan option.
    plan 19
  1. Name the plan. Although the created plan will have an ID number, the name a plan feature makes it easier for the customer to identify it, associate it with other plans, or reference it for future plans.
    plan 20
  2. If at any point before the plan is created you wish to discard the work in progress, click the Clear Plan button. Once your plan is created, it can be edited, but it cannot be deleted.
    plan 21
  3. Once your plan is completed, click the Create Plan button.
    plan 22

    • You will receive a notification that your plan has been saved.
      plan 23
  4. To view your saved plans or to edit a plan, click the Select Plan button.
    24 & 25
  5. In the Filter By: drop-down menu, search for your plan by Plan Name or PlanID. For demonstration purposes, Plan Name will be used.
    plan 26
  6. Type the plan name in the search field. When your plan name appears, double-click on it to view the plan. Once the plan is visible, you may edit it if needed.
    27 28 & 29
  7. When you have finished editing your plan, click the Save Edits button.
    plan 30

    • You will receive a notification that your plan has been saved.
      plan 31
  8. Nutrient Double Check incorporates the nutrient recommendations of soil tests and compares them with the amount of nutrients provided by the products within your plan. Include desired orders to be checked in your analytics.
    • Select your Recommendation (lab), Soil Test, Crop, test method (Method P or Method K) and Tillage. The recommendation numbers will appear in black under the appropriate product field.
      32 & 33
    • The Actuals, the amount of nutrients currently in your plan, will appear in the second row under the appropriate product field. The numbers will be red if below the recommended amount, black if within the recommended amount, or green if at zero.
      plan 34
    • The Recommendation numbers will vary dependent upon the Yield Goal set per acre. The yield goal can be set by using the slider at the bottom of the page.
      plan 35
  9. Grower costs will give the customer a cost breakdown of Orders included in the analytics.
    plan 36

    • Order costs will be broken down by category.
  10. Profit analysis can be shown by Grower, Farm or Field.
    • If Grower profit analysis is selected, (as in this lesson) the profit margin is shown for events included in the analytics.
    • If Farm or Field profit analysis is selected, the profit margin will include the acres for each farm or field.
    • The Estimated Yield can be modified in the Profit Analysis tab. Any modifications will automatically be adjusted in the Nutrient Double Check tab.
      plan 37
  11. Under Costs Per AcreFertilizersNitrogen and Crop Protection are automatically included in the analysis. All other category information must be manually added by the customer.
    plan 38
  12. Click the Clear tab to clear all information.
    plan 39
  13. Click the Save Cost Template to save the entered information for use on another farm or field.
    plan 40

    • Select a name for your template and click OK.
      plan 41
    • More than one template can be saved. The Select Cost Template tab will allow you to choose the needed template.
      plan 42
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