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AgOS® Operations- Truly the foundation for growing the ag retail operation of the future. AgOS® Operations gives you full visibility of real-time inventory across locations, which safeguards your inventory position and minimizes risk. Using AgOS® Operations for normal daily tasks allows you to stay on top of current product positions, giving you peace of mind and the ability to make quick and accurate purchase and sell decisions. AgOS® Operations unifies crop plans, work orders, related logistics, product sales, inventory adjustments, and location transfers with real-time inventory forecasting and compliance documentation. AgOS® Operations’ connected Scale Interface, Schedule, and Smart Gun tools give you complete control over batch and shipment management, efficient fleet management, as well as the effective management of scheduled orders out in the field which virtually eliminates inventory shrink.

HighQ harnesses the power of technology to provide growers with actionable information that eneables them to make more profitable and environmentally sound decisions.
In the era of PrecisionAg, growers of all sizes have many tools available to collect massive amounts of data about their farming operations. But they often don’t the ability to use that data to create action that would generate the desired results: Improve yield for maximum ROI while minimizing environmental impact. DecisionAg is the next evolution, in that it answers the fundamental question: What should growers do? DecisionAg, simply put, turns raw data into actionable, measurable results. Leading the DecisionAg evolution, HighQ provides growers with the ability to better analyze and benchmark the management of crops, in terms of how decisions affect Yield and Yield Uniformity.

scoutingTransIconAgOS® Scouting- Empowers you to collect field information with or without a connection. The AgOS® Scouting tool assists in logging location-specific observations such as weed, insect, and disease pressure. AgOS® Scouting also accommodates the complex world of poor remote connectivity by allowing offline use of the tool while automatically syncing data when connectivity is restored. AgOS® Scouting application allows you to make on-the-spot treatment recommendations for any scouted issues which can be immediately added to a field application order.
AgOs® Crop Planning- Understanding the past is necessary for predictive decision making. Building the right plan for your growers is the cornerstone to ensuring their success. AgOS® Crop Planning tools make it easy to understand what the coming crop season looks like, and allows you to offer well-informed agronomic decision support to your growers. AgOS® Crop Planning tools provide historical data and can even be used when no connectivity is available, which provides continuity of service to your customers. With AgOS® Crop Planning, your agronomists have the tools to work closely with your customers, providing a comprehensive plan that makes it easy to understand input costs and agronomic variables that will effect future decisions and profitability.
AgOS® Mapping- Not just another Mapping tool. Finally, a smart mapping tool that’s connected with the rest of your business. AgOS® Mapping provides a visual representation of agronomic data that drives efficiencies by allowing order creation based off of current or historical agronomic data. AgOS® Mapping allows you to visualize historical activities via geo-referenced field boundaries that you can create manually or by importing shape files.
AgOS® Compliance- Makes it easy to comply, and keeps your money in the bank. Save time and money with our built-in comprehensive tracking and placarding system. AgOS® Compliance provides historical event logging that drastically minimizes liability when faced with EPA and DOT compliance issues, crop injury claims, and seed performance issues. AgOS® Compliance makes it easy to track assets, log tank inspections, as well as any requirements associated with repackaging and shipping pesticides. AgOS® Compliance also tracks field activity events which allows for automatic creation of applicator log books, ensuring you have mandatory compliance documents at your fingertips!
AgOS® Grower Access- Clearly communicate and share information with your growers. It’s not enough to merely save data, your data must actively facilitate your decision making process. AgOS® Grower Access provides your customers with a historical timeline of field and business information, by providing a visual representation of the crop season. AgOS® Grower Access includes contract/booking information, pre-invoices, delivery tickets, work orders, farm maps, split information, as well as the necessary information for compliance. AgOS® Grower Access also automatically shares order status updates with retail staff and growers through real-time notifications on mobile devices.
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