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AgWorks is proud to introduce our Custom Development division focused on delivering a profoundly better experience to you on your software projects!  Whether it be a mobile app, a web application, an API interface, or your company website; DevWorks' transparent and honest approach delivers projects on-time and on-budget!  Learn more Here!

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AgWorks and FieldReveal - Joining Forces

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AgWorks fulfills Precision goals with FieldReveal

The McGregor Company (TMC) has become the fifth owner of FieldReveal, joining Agtegra, Landus Cooperative, Central Valley Ag and WinField United. The McGregor Company is thrilled to be able to join the FieldReveal ownership family.
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The HighQ Decision Support System (DSS) provides the grower with a tool to analyze variables encountered during the growing season and the impact on profitability. Growers can see how input variables impacted crop production, and analyze the same products and practices on a much larger “Community” of data.


Operations and Live Inventory

Tasks like managing inventory positions across salesmen, locations, & regions are a snap with our live inventory engine! NH3 tanks, custom-application tender loads, and chemical shuttles all reduce inventory as they ship! Map based scheduling tool allows for simple daily applicator machine planning with click-to-assign technology! CLICK HERE for more information.


By Ag Retail, for Ag Retail

AgWorks was founded in 1992 in Preston, Iowa. Our staff has more than 100 years combined experience in agricultural retail ownership, operations, and farming.

That experience provides the foundation necessary to create truly effective agronomy software for your operations, and motivates us to continually develop new solutions that make sense of the “white noise” that big data creates.

In early 2012 AgWorks was purchased by one of the oldest and most successful ag retail companies in America, The McGregor Company, founded in 1882. Together, we are committed to developing the most innovative and completely unified software tools for ag retailers and growers for decades to come. Introducing AgOS®…and Unified Agronomy™.

The Unified Agronomy Solution

A Comprehensive Solution including Off-Line Sync

AgWorks has developed a comprehensive agronomy solution that has been unified into one “Operational System”. Operations (Order Management, Blending, Live Inventory, Notifications), Crop Planning, Scouting, Mapping, Compliance, Grower Access, and yes, Precision are all connected; providing continuity, accuracy, and driving efficiency. Additionally, our Off-line Sync allows you to continue serving your customers effectively, whether you are connected or not.

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